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👑Whey Protein - The King of Proteins?

👑Whey Protein - The King of Proteins?

Whey Protein is generally considered to be one of, if not the best source of supplemental protein on the market today.⁣

In order to achieve your desired fitness goals, whether weight loss, muscle gain or a combination of both, it's important to monitor your macros, specifically protein intake and total daily calories. This is essential to enable proper recovery and pave the way for improvements to body composition. ⁣

While doable through whole foods alone, it's easier to meet these targets by utilising appropriate supplementation. The most popular choice for this purpose is Whey Protein for a number of reasons⁣:


📈 It is ranked number 1 among protein sources for it's Biological Value and Amino Acid Profile (meaning the protein is easily digested and utilised by the body) ⁣

🥛 It's incredibly convenient - you can have a shake on the go, or incorporate it into various recipes⁣

😋 With a multitude of delicious flavour options to choose from, finding one that tickles your taste buds is no challenge⁣

💰 A 30g serving (23g+ of protein) can be had for as little as £0.70⁣

Our Pure Whey Protein is available in 9 varieties, if you are scared to commit to one then you can try out all flavours (plus some other goodies too) in our sample box.

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