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Adding a selection of Spartan Proteins supplements to your gym, training facility or retail store is a great way to increase your bottom line. Not only that, you are adding convenience for your customers. We’ve all been there, you get to the gym and realise you forget something, or you’re running low on product, something crucial to your daily routing is now out of sync. By getting into the mindset of your customers you can benefit them with the right products. Once our products are on your floor, most of the work is already done. You have a captive audience, let’s give them what they want and need.

If you’re running a gym you’re no doubt passionate about fitness. First and foremost, your business needs to remain relevant and profitable as possible. By adding a selection of Spartan Proteins products to your retail space, you’re providing your customers with an additional service and increased value. Time is something we are all short on, the customer convenience factor alone makes the addition of our products worthwhile to any relevant business.

You know you know. Owning and running a gym tends to go hand in hand with being a training and nutrition enthusiast. Your knowledge of what’s good and bad is a highly valuable asset to your members. A lot of your members go to gyms and learn from a Personal Trainer or partake in a class activity, your expertise can benefit your members beyond the training aspect with arguably the most important factor of achieving training and physique goals, nutrition and supplementation. With the addition of our products to your facility, you can offer members advice directly about the products best suited to them and you can offer your Personal Trainers and Instructors a rewards program for promoting suitable products and ultimately helping your members achieve their goals.

Smaller items like our protein flapjacks are ideal for front desk space, and you have the option to expand into shakers, whey, pre workout, BCAAs, Creatine, and vitamin supplements. 

Whilst it’s great to increase your bottom line and help your customers get more from their visit, we only want you to offer what you believe in. You’re going to be telling your members that our products are the best and with the right training and nutrition plan our products will help them achieve their goals. If you’re not using our products already or you’ve never tried them, let us know and we will send you a sample pack to test out.

It’s super important for us and you to sell what you believe in. If you believe in a product, then you’ll probably be using it, which is a great way to promote the product in the first place.

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