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5 Habits To Keep 2021 On Track

5 Habits To Keep 2021 On Track

It has not been an ideal start to 2021 in many ways, particularly with regards to fitness as gyms are closed nationally and group training is now restricted. 

Despite the challenges we face, this shouldn’t be a time to give up on your goals. 

It is a time whereby creating a structured plan and measurable goals to work toward l will help to keep you on track and both physically and mentally resilient to a very challenging global situation.  

There will be times, hopefully sooner than we realise, when we can go out and socialise, see family, go on holiday and have nights out and what you do right now will have a direct impact on how you feel then.

Mentally times are certainly tough right now, so it will pay dividends to do what you can to make this time easier and keep yourself in a healthy state, both body and mind. 

It’s okay to have the odd off day, but setting some targets and non negotiables will help you get closer to your goals and the positive psychological effect of some small wins each day will definitely help with adherence to your plan. 
Remember the vast majority of your progress comes outside of that hour a day in the gym (or not, as the case may be currently). 

If you find you are struggling, try to implement these 5 non negotiables into next week.

1. Protein at every meal:
Adequate protein intake is imperative for building lean muscle and maintaining it through periods of reduced activity. It will also aid in dropping body fat as protein is the most filling of nutrients and will help curb hunger between meals. Shoot for 1.5 - 2g of protein daily per Kg of bodyweight.

2. Fruit, veg or salad at every meal:
Fruit, veg and salad in general are low in calories and high in volume due to their fiber and water content. They fill you up and don't add massive amounts of calories. Simple. Getting your 5+ fruit and veg a day will definitely  make you feel better and more energised.

3. 10,000 steps every day:
Moving more throughout the day will help you burn more calories that day and speed up your metabolism so you will burn more calories all the time. It will also help to keep your posture in check which is particularly important if you find yourself moving less or hunched over a desk a lot at the moment. 

4. Avoiding the law of least effort:
Your body is subconsciously programmed to opt for the option which requires least effort. Try to change this when it comes to a movement and fitness perspective. Try to choose options that will ultimately help you progress. Take the stairs, walk to the train station, get a standing desk. Choose options that will ultimately take you closer to your goals.

5. Focus on the process, not the results:
Results are great and super motivating but the process is enjoyable too. Focus on the small habits in place every day and the results will come. Small changes = big results.
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