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    Essential Bundles & Accessories


    Snickerdoodle: A delicious combination of Cinnamon, Vanilla & Brown Sugar Our premium quality whey product has no unnecessary filler ingredients or thickeners, just whey and a very small amount of flavouring and sweetener. The whey is easy to mix as it...


    Manufactured for us in Germany by the world's leading shaker manufacturer, Buchsteiner. These stylish shakers are BPA free, don't leak and are robust & durable. It comes with a mesh insert to ensure all shakes are mixed well.


    Our new men's high neck zip-up Hoodie features a thick, luxurious Cotton blend in a fitted style. Branded with our Spartan Protein logo. You can have any colour, as long as it's black. Fabric composition: 80% Combed Cotton 20% Polyester


    Our liquid chalk comes in a 250ml re-sealable plastic bottle and is presented at a very competitive price. It is quick drying and long lasting and can make the difference between a failed lift and a PB.  A strong and...