Beta Alanine


Beta Alanine powder, improves performance by reducing fatigue & lactic acid burn



Beta-alanine is a precursor (building block) of carnosine, a molecule that helps to buffer lactic acid in muscles, thereby increasing physical performance (notably in the 60-240 second range). Beta-alanine can also aid lean mass gain, likely through its ability to allow more work to be done in training. There is also evidence that Carnosine acts as a potent anti-oxidant and anti-aging compound. 

Standard daily doses within the research literature of beta-alanine are between 2 – 5g. Beta-alanine supplementation is not timing-dependent, in relation to exercise, however using beta-alanine as part of a pre-workout stack is a popular option and large doses are linked to dopamine release so this is very likely a desired effect if taking pre workout. Beta-Alanine does not have to be taken pre workout but it is the most popular and often most convenient time to do so. We recommend consuming 2-4g pre workout, however if the tingling sensation is not well tolerated split the doses in to 1g doses throughout the day to avoid but still reap the benefits.

Suggested dosage: 1-2 scoops preworkout in water, or with BCAAs, Creatine or Carbohydrate source, depending on your current supplementation protocol. 

Nutritional Information (Per scoop / 2g serving): 2g Beta Alanine

Ingredients: 100% Beta Alanine

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